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Webinar Aufzeichnung "Architecting Storyboard applications"

26.10.2017 | 15:33 Uhr

Architecting Storyboard applications to maximize scalability, performance, and usability

See Crank Software's Vice President of R&D, Thomas Fletcher, as he dives into the topic of application architecture and explores the Storyboard communication model.  

QNX7 als sicheres Betriebssystem auf dem Vormarsch

11.07.2017 | 08:42 Uhr

Mit dem Embedded-Modul TQMa6x auf Basis des ARM-Cortex-A9 startet TQ mit der neuen QNX-Version 7.0. Auch für die Cortex-Module TQMa6ULx und TQMa7x ist in Kürze eine BSP-Version 7.0 verfügbar.

Supporting UI scalability – from MCU to MPU

06.07.2017 | 22:04 Uhr

We are often asked the question, “what platforms do you support?” or variations on the same that include operating systems, GPUs, rendering technologies, and more. Development teams want to know if Storyboard Suite supports the environments they have, or want to build out.

We always give the same answer: All of them.

Of course, the details are important, so this blog explains exactly what Storyboard Suite supports.

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