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How to Choose an Embedded Database | Video Playlist

05.07.2011 | 21:09 Uhr

Scott Meder discusses the process of choosing an embedded database in this video playlist:

How to Choose an Embedded Database – Video Playlist

RDM Embedded Gets on the ODBC Bandwagon

24.06.2011 | 15:54 Uhr

RDM Embedded Gets on the ODBC Bandwagon

By Daigoro Toyama – Lead Developer on ODBC

ODBC and RDM Embedded

Open Database Connectivity – known as ODBC – is a standard programming interface for database management systems (DBMS). An ODBC-compliant DBMS lets an application access its data regardless of the platform it is on or its internal architecture. ODBC support is typically provided by DBMS as a software layer called “ODBC driver.”

Mitsubishi Electric Europe uses Raima RDM Embedded 10

23.06.2011 | 22:21 Uhr

“Mitsubishi has many applications in development that require the speed, reliability and flexibility that RDM Embedded 10 provides. RDM Embedded will give us the flexibility to develop applications on any industrial device with the knowledge that we will be able to feed information up-stream to SCADA systems. This flexibility is why we have made the decision to standardize on RDM Embedded 10.0 as the embedded database for the application software that we ship with our industrial controllers,” comments Chris Hazlewood, Strategic Alliance Manager Mitsubishi Electric Europe.

Embedded Database Solution for Real-Time Database Systems

22.06.2011 | 20:51 Uhr

Raima Embedded Database Product Overview
Fastest Real-Time Database

In-Memory Database (IMDB) for Real-time & Embedded Systems

12.06.2011 | 05:48 Uhr

Raima’s In-Memory Database (IMDB) Products Overview

The Key Benefit of Raima’s In-Memory Database,

Data Management Solution: Build vs. Buy

05.05.2011 | 18:09 Uhr


This article explores “Build vs. Buy”, a key decision for determining the best strategy for meeting your product’s embedded data management needs.
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RDM Embedded Scheduled Training May 24th – 26th, 2011

03.05.2011 | 04:54 Uhr

RDM Embedded Jump Start Training is designed to help software engineers get up and running with the RDM Embedded database management software. Each days training will be tailored to the attendees database expertise with emphasis placed on topics that best match the attendees experience level.